The Importance Of Flame Retardant Fabric Is Becoming More And More Obvious

- Oct 14, 2017 -

Flame-retardant fabric through the development of these years, has been achieved by the effect of the popular, flame-retardant fabric application area is also expanding, the current domestic also issued a lot of relevant policies and regulations to require some areas of workers to wear protective supplies to work.

For example, this year's forest fire policy requirements, the forest protection workers must wear forest fire overalls, but also to meet the relevant standards requirements. Functional flame-retardant fabrics meet the special needs of different industries and different populations. Meet the individual needs of different consumers.

For example, traffic police and sanitation workers, etc. in the operation, need to wear reflective fabric of clothing, oil and petrochemical, electricity and other workers in the work need to wear flame-retardant anti-static and oil-resistant clothing; doctors and chemical agents are wearing acid-alkali-resistant overalls and so on.