Shenzhen Xingyuan Gaements Co,Ltd

- Nov 11, 2017 -

Our company includes design, Make sample, production, sales as one of the clothing enterprises

Professional design and production: fire retardant and waterproof anti-static function of Workwears/Coveralls/Jackets Anti-Acid, Anti-ARC and All special Occupation Clothes.All types of enterprises and institutions uniforms

For clothing fabrics,embroidery, patterns, colors, styles, such as deep development, as much as possible to meet the vast number of customers imagination.

Our company has professional computer design, technology development, sample production, professional factories and after-sales service centers, mainly in China Europe America Middle East Southeast Asia and other market orders.

Also Our Company mainly engaged in domestic and foreign petrochemical, natural gas, fire fighting enterprises and institutions, schools and other industries to provide quality clothing

With Market management principles of emphasize contract, keep promise, reasonable price and credit standing first"

To survive by quality, management and efficiency of enterprise purposes

Company adhere to the quality of service, reasonable prices to win customers trust, exquisite workmanship products,Fast delivery, win customers favor and love.

We are looking forward to working with your company happy cooperation and

Provide better service

Enterprise spirit: sincere, dedicated, professional, high quality, innovation

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